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Here we go! (Long story to follow…😆)

For many months now I’ve dreamed of our beloved old “Tastee-Freez” here in Stanley as a little coffee/pastry shop that serves as a light in the community for women and children as a resource center and a place where I could have vendors display their wonderful home businesses and creative ideas with the community.

I used to have these “True Beauty Seminars” for women. Some of you may have attended one. It was a one day seminar that focused on nurturing women in their spirit, soul & body. Also to encourage them to follow the call on their lives and use their talents and gifts that He planted in them. I felt “The Coffee Shop” was to be based on these seminars I’d held several years back.

The “True Beauty Moments” on WBTX Radio were little blogs I’d written on my True Beauty Seminar Facebook page to encourage us all to keep looking up.

Last year I published a devotional entitled “True Beauty Moments Devotional” of some of those I’d recorded and some new ones God gave me to share. (I’ve actually been teaching from those at our Sunday Morning Worship services held at Cooter’s Place outside in the pavilion.)

Which brings me to this…

Through many turns and bends in the road since that vision a few months back, (like the place being rented already by another business ), a month ago that all changed. It went back on the market!

Since then I’ve stepped out, with the encouragement of lots of wonderful ladies (and some men ) and it’s officially “The Coffee Shop, LLC”! Check out this beautiful logo designed by Kim Emerson.

It is official as of yesterday and we’ve got a lot of work to do to get it ready to open in the next couple months! (Oh, yeah and we are planning on having the drive-thru open for your convenience on your way to work!!!)

Nervous? Yes!

Excited? Definitely!

I truly feel God has opened this opportunity for this place to be a wonderful gathering spot for the community to enjoy some delicious coffee brought by the mission’s ministry of Send Me Refuge, (who brings refuge to women and children living in the dumps of Mexico), and some amazing pastries by the infamous Becky George.

Also we will have available in our small gift shop, some beautifully crafted gifts you can purchase for special occasions by such vendors as New Creation, Layla Reid, Monroe’s Bows, Star Valley Candles, Cloth Stories and more!!!! We will also be offering our own line of inspirational greeting cards, (thanks to Janie’s beautiful artwork).

God has many plans for this women’s resource center with a Women’s Community Night bringing ministry for the spirit, soul & body along with some practical tips for finances and other resources.

We are also believing to have live music one evening a week.

(Stay tuned for our scheduled events.)

We appreciate your prayers and encouragement!

Our mission as my sweet friend, Jenny prayed for us…

“Father, let this endeavor be a lantern to those women in need within the community.

Let them find the love and compassion of Jesus where they have never known a loving touch before. Replace hurt and pain with hope and praise for Your Holy, Holy name!!!

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Glory be to God for the things He has done and is doing!

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